And The Addiction Begins

Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Gray and I smoked 30 cigarettes a day for nearly twenty years.

Now I don't. And that was because I won this fight many years ago.

Dead CigarettesAfter my moment of truth - when I was forced to accept that I was an addict, not a free man - I knew that this fight was the most important fight of my life. It took me eighteen months to kill the desire to smoke. And that is the key. Smoking is, above all, an emotional problem, a habit, not so much an addiction.

The method I used to become a free man again was almost identical to this. I say almost because what took me a year and a half could have taken much less. Weeks or even days.

There is no drama or special supplements in this method. No 'will of iron' is necessary. And above all there is
no fear. (One of the biggest problems for most of us is our fear of change.)

It is a guide to your enemy. I suggest that you look into this.


And The Addiction Begins

The addiction to the feel of the cigarette in your hand, the different ways of holding it. The smell of a new
packet of your favourite brand, the feel of the cigarette in your mouth. Lighting a cigarette for your girlfriend or
boyfriend when you are a teenager. (They love that one. Two mugs together.) Maybe a cigarette case.

Certainly a few cigarette lighters. (Pipe- and cigar-smokers get this worse.) Flicking the ash away, feeling the
smoke over your fingers – even enjoying the smell of your fingers – gesturing and posing with ciggie in hand.

The beauty of the flame and the mystery of the smoke. Asking other people for a light. That first hit of each
cigarette. Aaaah!

Smoking BoyThe cigarettes with people, the cigarettes alone. The cigarettes indoors, the cigarettes out in the street. The cigarettes walking and the cigarettes driving. Sharing your last cigarette with your best friend and fellow-addict. Cigarettes when you feel good, and cigarettes when the world stinks. Foreign cigarettes in foreign
countries. What an adventure! Cigarettes at work which help you to concentrate, and cigarettes at night to help you relax.

Oh, sweet addiction! I can control it.

No, sir or madam, you’re a fool. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the tobacco companies laughing at you. It’s not a nice sound.

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